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Nick Test
Quincy MA
Martins Ferry OH

Quincy MA

NEFCO (New England Fertilizer Co)
551 South Street
Quincy MA 02169
Mon 6:30 am through to Friday 10:00pm
Notes: ALL TRUCKS MUST weigh in & out at Twin Rivers Technology 780 Washington St Quincy MA. Leave scale ticket showing gross and tare in NEFCO black mailbox located at the Main Quincy Shipyard entrance 551 South St. If there is not an operator present when they arrive to load, they can call the control room at 617-334-2221 and the Chief Operator will send someone down to load the truck. MAXIMUM GROSS WEIGHT ALLOWED WITH PERMIT IS 99000 LBS. Driver is responsible to watch gauges during loading and alert our operator to stop before goal weight. Once our operator presses stop, there is still flow for approximately 30-60 seconds which can accumulate up to approximately 2000 lbs.

Martins Ferry OH

Turf Care Supply Corporation
100 Picoma Road
Martins Ferry OH 43935
740-633-8235 Carrie
740-633-8210 main gate
Deliver 11pm Sunday to 9 pm Friday by appt
Loading 7am-9pm M-F by appt
Notes: Load and Deliver by appointment only. TARP WILL BE INSPECTED BEFORE LOADING. DRIVERS MUST HAVE HARD HAT, SAFETY GLASSES, STEEL TOE BOOTS, LONG SLEEVES, LONG PANTS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Dumps must have Control Chute and Gate Locks. No pneumatics or walking floors. Bill of Lading is required for the payment of Outbound shipments. A Delivery Receipt / BOL showing the TCSC PO or reference # will be required for all Inbound shipments. Freight bills received without the proper backup documentation will be returned for correction.

Dominique Trucking, LLC (M8313)

Don Dominique (C8830)
Meriden CT
203-514-9911 - Jeremy (driver)
Notes: End Dumps - TWIC.

This shipment is billed on destination weights

Dates -
ProductBio Solids
Load # 7371 / 13971
Delivery # 13971 ( 11:59 pm Tuesday delivery appt)
Pay # PO0013971
BulkBook idBB389224
Shipping status Delivered
Billing status Pending
Stats week2024 23
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Truck team

Bill to: Turf Care Supply c/o CT Logistics Team 8 (M11440)
Default billing: destination

TRUCK MUST SCALE IN QUINCY. Must have gauges or scales on truck for loading. Drivers MUST Leave scale ticket showing gross and tare weights at the Nefco mailbox (next to red tugboat)at the plant entrance. Use delivery # to enter gate at Martins Ferry.

Internal Notes

Scale issues in Quincy, use delivery weights. Drivers MUST Leave scale ticket showing gross and tare weights at the Nefco mailbox at the plant entrance.

Billing Notes

Documents Shipment document Shipment document Shipment document Shipment document Shipment document
Date Description Total Invoice
Quincy, MA to Martins Fer... 2940.00 TL3197↗️

Status Comment ETA Date ETA Time
assigned Quincy MA to Martins Ferry OH (BB389224)

Madison Brown OB on load status
Madison Brown Don D Jun 10, 2024, 5:29 PM (14 hours ago) to me I'll be loading tonight and eta for delivery is midnight Tuesday is what I was saying
Madison Brown Per Jeremy this is the same truck that loaded Quincy last week will aim to try to get 29 tons on again if possible as requested, current ETA for loading is Midnight Tuesday but this was set to load today at night or tuesday first thing when booking, clarifying and rechecking the del appt