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Nick Test
Norlina NC
Elizabethtown PA

Norlina NC

White Ridge Farms / Organics
807 Rooker Dairy Road
Norlina NC 27563
252-213-0336 - Ashley
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Elizabethtown PA

Wenger Soy Plant
271 Heisey Quarry Road
Elizabethtown PA 17022
800-692-6008 - Directions

Tommy Kornegay Trucking Inc. (M13357)

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Tommy Kornegay (C14724)
Albertson NC

This shipment is billed on origin weights

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ProductOrganic Soybeans
Load # ORG205293-05
Delivery #
Pay #
BulkBook idBB389231
Shipping status Delivered
Billing status Pending
Stats week2024 23
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Truck team

Bill to: TYR-Inc (M11111)
Default billing: origin

Previous load must be feed compatible with BOL or washout may be required. Clean Truck Affidavit must be submitted with the invoice. All back up documentation required in order to pay freight invoices. • Bills of lading – Bill of lading must show the name of the product being shipped and state that the product is organic. Bill of lading must be signed. • Weight tickets – Weight ticket must be legible and show the net, gross and tare weights. • Clean truck affidavit – Clean truck affidavit must be signed, dated and show the method used to clean the truck. The above documents must be received in order to pay freight invoices.

Internal Notes

Make sure to explain and send BLs when this load is assigned.

Billing Notes

Documents Shipment document Shipment document Shipment document Shipment document
Date Description Total Invoice
Norlina, NC to Elizabetht... 981.16 TL3202↗️

Status Comment ETA Date ETA Time
assigned Norlina NC to Elizabethtown PA (BB389231)

Robert Burchette Confirmed delivered