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Nick Test
Loving NM
Gowanstown ON

Loving NM

Rush Salt Warehouse
414 N 8th Street
Loving NM 88256
956-472-4454 - Myrna
912-433-2629 - Anthony
7 am - noon by appt M-F
Notes: TRUCKS MUST SCALE AT 52 Fishermans Lane Loving, NM FIRST - will be directed where to load from here.

Gowanstown ON

Enviro Granulation
5243 Line 89
Gowanstown ON N0G 1Y0
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Team 1 RV LLC (M19157)

Fast Pay

Kevin Campbell (C21464)
Garden City KS
Notes: hoppers

This shipment is billed on origin weights

Dates -
ProductStandard Langbienite
Load # 5515
Delivery #
Pay # 5515
BulkBook idBB389234
Shipping status Delivered
Billing status Pending
Stats week2024 23
Sales team
Truck team

Bill to: Sylvite LLC (M864)
Default billing: origin

Trailer must be clean before arriving to load.Once loaded send us the weights for the commercial invoice. The customs broker for this load is Farrow.

Internal Notes

The broker for this load is Farrow. Corey will be working with them on the customs Docs. Once the load is picked up, please get me the net tonnage so that I can send a commercial invoice to Corey.

Billing Notes

Billing notes: Paperwork shows 5514
Documents Shipment document Shipment document Shipment document Shipment document
Date Description Total Invoice
Loving, NM to Gowanstown,... 5998.40 TL3397↗️

Status Comment ETA Date ETA Time
assigned Loving NM to Gowanstown ON (BB389234)

Robert Burchette Confirmed onsite, delivering.
Robert Burchette "Hit a deer last night. Had to replace headlight this morning. In Illinois. Unload tomorrow. Have a customs paperwork done."
Robert Burchette Carrier is way behind schedule, not able to deliver until tomorrow at 3pm
Robert Burchette Emailed for delivery ETA
Robert Burchette Confirmed loaded
Robert Burchette he got stopped by a cop and got a ticket for being on a no truck route but he's about 30 minutes from loading now. said that he spoke with the lady at loving so they know he was held up with that
Robert Burchette Yesterday he told me he was already empty on the prior and headed to NM. Now he just told me that they had an issue unloading and didn't get to unload till this morning. Hes in Amarillo TX right now, no way hes making it today.