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Nick Test
Cleveland OH
Vinton VA

Cleveland OH

Cargill Salt
2499 Ships Channel
Cleveland OH
directions ext 2
security gate ext 4
8am-2pm M-F
Notes: Appointments on FourKites.com

Vinton VA

1003 Walnut Ave
Vinton VA 24179
(540) 343-3621 x 3005
7am-7pm (call ahead)
Notes: Tested ingredient such as DDG need to arrive before 5pm. Salt not tested.

DSI Bulk Transport, Inc (M11279)

Kevin Kealy (C20573)
Mantua OH
330-842-1688 call this one
Notes: Sales Manager - pneumatics / hopper- east of mississippi.

Previous productDog Food Fines
Previous locationTBD
Loading ETA date
Loading ETA time14:00
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This shipment is billed on origin weights

Dates -
ProductFeed Salt
Load # 8832497 (2pm load appt)
Delivery # 607688
Pay # 887300
BulkBook idBB389239
Shipping status Delivered
Billing status Open
Stats week2024 24
Sales team Chris August
Truck team Madison Brown

Bill to: Cargill Animal Nutrition (M4163)
Default billing: origin

Previous load must be feed compatible with BOL per Cargill regulation.

Internal Notes

433 miles * .30 = FSC.

Billing Notes

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Status Comment ETA Date ETA Time
assigned Cleveland OH to Vinton VA (BB389239) 14:00

Madison Brown OB on status del yesterday confirmed Kevin
Madison Brown OB confirmed loaded ETA to drop is 2pm
Madison Brown OB emailed multiple times and called lvm no answer
Madison Brown IB kevin confirmed on track to load @ 2pm yesterday - this morning OB on status Kevin Kealy 10:06 AM (3 minutes ago) to me What day did this pick up? Sorry not in office today awaiting status...
Madison Brown OB resent and tagged org confirmation thread - confirming still on track for 2pm appt
Madison Brown evin Kealy 3:57 PM (8 minutes ago) to me Can you resend Ray confirmation for the load that picks up tomorrow Cleveland, Ohio to Vinton Virginia? Thank you.